Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Term 3 arts reflection

In term three me, Sam, Zinzan and Jacob made a dance about playing basketball on the courts to capture the heart of Waimairi. I thought this captured the heart of Waimairi because it brings people together to play fun sports.

I think my learning is at relational going into extended abstract because I can name a lot of the dance elements included in our dance like body awareness, time, and space. This exaggerated the emotions and made the audience understand what was happening . I also think my learning is relational because I could choreograph a dance by myself.

I think I need to improve on teaching other kids and including more drama and story to a dance.  I also think I need to try make the dance longer, adding some unison and change the speed.  I would be more creative if I also used these.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Discovery reflection

This year in discovery I have made smoothies, made a scooter ramp, baked some afghans, made a basketball hoop and also a marble run.

While doing this I have learnt projects which involve measurements, angles and wood it need a lot of planning. I discovered that homemade ice blocks are easy and delicious to make. I’ve learnt that if you don't email a teacher to work with their children before the discovery session it's hard to just rock on up and grab some children. I also discovered that Mr Anderson is a very nice and considerate principal. I learnt that if you plan ahead it always ends with a good result not a muck up.

I have been challenged to get the ice blocks out of the moulds.  I have also been challenged to find the right rim for our basketball hoop and I have been challenged to keep all the younger kids attention while coaching basketball.

I overcame these challenges by making the ice blocks again and it worked perfectly because I made it a different way.  I just looked on trade me for the right rim and I found one. I also yelled and used a whistle.

My learning focus this year is challenging myself.  I think I did this well by trying to make it hard to get all the materials for the basketball hoop and choosing to coach very loud and annoying children fitness games and basketball.  I also  chose challenging food and drinks to make.

In term 4 I am looking forward to finishing my basketball hoop and making some yummy foods.

Sunday, 10 September 2017



Game 1 under 11 Christchurch red Vs Christchurch Black.

I slid off my seat and flopped out of my car as my jelly legs dragged me to the rest of the team.  I put my boots on, did my laces up as tight as I could and did a triple knot to make sure they didn't untie. I walked over to the rest of the team who were also doing up their shoelaces.

We ran around the pitch spying on the other team seeing how they were going. We sprinted past poking out our chests trying to impress them and make them nervous.  This was our first game against our rivals since grading games so we were eager to win.

When we got back to the coach we sat on one knee and listened.  “If you blow over, have structure and play as a team, you can win.”  We practiced our passing then did our stretches and last team run.

We were ready to play, our team lined up on one side looking at the other team lined up at the other side of the field, who were glaring back at us. We jogged onto the field, got into our positions ready for kick off.

We kicked off. I sprinted at the ball as fast as I could. A ruck had formed.  I pushed on the backside of one of my teammates until the other team's halfback passed the ball out to the rest of the team. Then finally it got to the wing, he dodged 1…. 2 ...now 3 of our team. Then he slid under the post and scored a try.

We held our heads high and kept on trying until the score was 14 nil. We kicked off and ran to the ball.  Finally we had possession of the ball. The halfback passed it to the first five,  then he sprinted through the whole team and scored a try.  Our kicker lined up the tee, put the ball on it then took two steps back and one sideways. He slotted the kick straight through the posts. We sprinted back to halfway ready to receive the kick.  We scored one more try and it was halftime.

The score was 13 - 14.  The game had changed. Our coach yelled at us for a bit then we went back on.  At the end of the game the final score was 27 - 19. We lost but it was a close game.

Game 2. This time was different. Our team was fired up, we knew we were going to win and we did. We were up 10 points to 5 with 4 minutes till the end.  The whistle blew.  I saw one of the other team's best players lying on the ground passed out, eyes closed, arms and legs were like jelly. Parents and coaches rushed to the scene while other adults came running on with the a stretcher. As me and my teammates watched him get carried off the field the ref blew the whistle, the game was finished.

Game 3: Finals. Will all the hard work this season pay off or will it finish on a low? At least we had the shield I said to myself. We sat on the grass and discussed our game plan and what we had to do.  Again we practiced our usual passing, did our stretches and last team run.  Our coach got us stirred up and ready to play.

We lined up, jogged on the field and waited for the ball to be kicked.  Have you ever been in finals? Well if you have, you would know that finals are the most fun but nerve wracking part of rugby.   Unfortunately the final score was disappointing but it wasn't a season low, we did learn a lot fro that team.  We did come second place and also get the shield.

That is why this season of rugby will stick with me for the rest of my life.  Do you have a memory that you will never forget?

Thank you.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

How Do Planes Fly?

How do planes fly?  

Have you ever been in a plane soaring through the sky and wondered how on earth do they fly? Well that is what this explanation will tell you.

These are the four forces of flight - lift, thrust, weight and drag. Without these forces you would not be able to travel the world in planes.

Lift is a force that goes against weight (gravity). Lift pulls objects off the ground.

Weight is a force that goes against lift, it is also known as gravity and pulls objects back to the ground.

Drag goes against thrust and slows objects down. You can have less drag by having a well-shaped object.

Thrust is the force that goes against drag. Thrust pulls objects like planes forward.

These are Isaac Newton’s 3 laws of motion:

1st law:
Isaac Newton's first law of motion is objects stay still unless acted on by an unbalanced force. For example, a plane will not move unless acted on by thrust.

2nd law:
Isaac Newton’s 2nd law of motion is the heavier the object the more force needed to move it.  For example, imagine if planes were made out of steel, you would need bigger wings and more powerful engines to create enough lift and thrust to lift the plane.

3rd law:  
Isaac Newton’s 3rd law is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For example, a rocket needs enough force downwards to make it go up and fast enough to break the atmosphere.

The two forces that make planes get off the ground are lift and thrust. Thrust is created by the engines and pulls the plane forward, without thrust the planes wouldn't fly. This is where drag comes in, drag goes against thrust, it makes the planes go slower. You can have less drag by having an aerodynamic shape, the more aerodynamic the faster an object can go.

Lift pulls planes into the air, without lift planes would stay on the ground.  Lift is made from gasses (air) rising into the air and lifts the planes into the air.  The force that goes against lift is weight, weight is gravity. Without weight planes wouldn't be able to land.

So now that you have read this explanation I hope you know how planes help you travel the world.

Monday, 3 April 2017

My grandma

My Grandma's name is Jill Carver (nee Tresidder). She was born in Wellington 29th of March 1937.

Her eldest relative that she knew when she was born was her Grandfather who was about 65, she did not know much about him though. 

Her father fought in World War 2 and survived the whole thing, sadly unlike most people.

There were stories about her ancestors from Cromwell being pirates. 

In her opinion the most important thing she got taught from her parents was that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.

Haswell quarry

This is the Halswell Quarry, we went there on Thursday 14th of March.  It was created 15 million years ago and was created from magma (lava).  Halswell Quarry was mined 150 years ago.  

The miners hung off a rope and hacked at the basalt with a pickaxe. They got more technology and cars as the years passed.  As they got deeper they found older rocks.  The oldest rock they found was igneous which was 12 million years old, the latest layer, loess,  was formed not too long ago and is made from dust particles.  

That was not all I learnt at the Halswell Quarry. There were four stages that formed the Banks Peninsula - the main stage was the magma that rose out of the sea that formed Lyttelton and Akaroa Harbour.  Then all the small vents from the side of the land formed all the other small things like Mt Herbert.  Everything dried up and formed the Banks peninsula.  The last stage was when the the rocks from rivers filled the gap between the South Island and Banks Peninsula. 

We also learnt from the park ranger Robbie, how the Council decided what to do with all the land of Halswell Quarry.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


I just about passed out as I looked up at the start of the steep hill, regretting my decision, I couldn't  turn back now. I started jogging and my legs started hurting. I said to myself,  “This is not going to be fun”.

 I kept on striding on as a stream of sweat trickled down my face. I could see the top of the hill now, I shuffled up the steep slippery track.I stopped and took a long and helpful swig from my water bottle that had been in a sweaty backpack for the past half an hour - yuck! 

Minutes that felt like hours later, me and my mum had moved about 100 metres. As I ran, bugs and bumble bees zoomed past my face like Usain Bolt sprinting past the crowd.

 The sun shone on our faces as we lay down in the long grass taking a break. The grass swayed left and right as if it was waving to us, persuading us to keep going. So we got back up and started shuffling up the hill.  An hour later my skin had so many wrinkles it looked like I was a prune. The top was in sight, I started jogging step by step. I scuffled up the hill as the hot sun sizzled my face like a sausage.  We were getting closer and closer, it seemed to be taking forever, I couldn't bear it.  Minutes later we were finally at the top of the hill, it felt like I had won a half marathon. Now I have to go down the other side and finish.