Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The story behind my name

My name is Monty and this is the history of my name.  My mum and dad both made the decision on my name.  My name is Monty because my mum’s name got muddled up a lot. So she gave me a simple name just so people don’t get befuddled with my name.  Andrew is my middle name because my dad’s name is Andrew.

If I was born a girl I would’ve been called Bonnie.  My family and friends call me ‘The Mont’ or ‘The Monster’.  My rugby coach calls me ‘The Grunter’, I don't know why.  I like my name because it is simple.  It's easy to make up nicknames with and it's a simple name to spell. 


  1. Wonderful language Monty.I like how you used the word befuddled instead of muddled.Also your story reminds me of someone.

  2. I like your poem I like the way you used your verbs

  3. Gray job Monty I like every Bart of your blog keep the good work up