Monday, 9 May 2016

Soundscape learning reflection

This term I created a soundscape using garageband to go with my poetic memoir.  The soundscape helps to evoke the emotions I feel in that place, doing things with my special people. l made the feelings excited and energetic to make you feel like you were at that place, at that time. 

By the end of this term I know I can make soundscapes using musical elements to create the intended mood or emotion to support a story or poem or picture. I do this by changing the tempo to fast or slow to make the feelings energetic or happy.  

I learnt how making the pitch high makes the mood feel energetic, cheerful and happy.  When the pitch is low the mood feels more depressed because the music doesn’t stand out as much. Low pitch can make you feel sad too. 

I learnt that changing dynamics, making a piece of music loud, can make the music feel powerful because it makes it stand out more, it seems  bigger and stronger.  Making the beat fast creates a cheerful feeling, it makes it happy.  Changing the instrument to a drum can make part of the music exciting and energetic. 

My next step is take up any opportunities to teach others about musical elements and how to change the mood or emotions of sounds using this knowledge and GarageBand.  I need to get feedback from other people and make what I have better. 

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