Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Speech reflection

The things that I am most proud about my speech is that I got my speech finished and on cue cards. I had a good story and made a strong statement about what I wanted to change. I included good describing words and made it as gross as I could with the words that I used to describe things like the poo and the tiny gaps in my shoe. One of the challenges was trying to find different words like heinous, gross and horrible. I had trouble with remembering the stories to put in my speech because I wanted to make it as gross as I could and that meant that I had to choose good stories to suit the topic of my speech.  I overcame this because I kept on trying to write/remember a gross story that would make the audience feel uncomfortable and grossed out.   Overall I think that I could’ve done my speech a bit better by making it more exciting and by using tense words. 

As I was practising my speech I was trying not to fiddle with my hair.   When I looked at the audience I would always lose my spot so I thought that I needed to try and learn as much of it as I could off by heart to solve this problem.  I think that I had a used good phrasing when I was spoke so the audience could hear my speech clearly.  I spoke at a good volume so that the people at the back of the audience could hear my speech.   My troubles were in the expressions part of the speech, I was too nervous and didn't have enough energy. My solution for this was to find a way to express myself more and not feel nervous. I think I improved a lot from last years speech but still could have done better.

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