Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The world isn't a dog toilet

Have you ever stepped in dog poo? Well I have and it stinks. I call it the putrid poop. It’s so annoying ... it looks like a brown, soggy lump stuck onto your shoe and smells like corrupt fish. I think that dog owners should pick up their own dog’s poo ... it's not our dog. It has a hideous and dreadful stench that you can smell from a mile away. That's why I think dog owners should pick up their own dog’s poo. Some people treat the world like a dog toilet and I don't think that's alright. 

Leaving dog poo on the pathways it's such a shameful crime.  As me and my brother were scootering on the concrete pathway to school as most people do in the mornings, I rode straight over a big lump of dog poo !! It's like it's magnetic and attracted to your shoe and it never comes off! The putrid poop factor gets me again …. grose and horrendous. 

Leaving the heinous poo on the grass at parks or rugby fields is a big mistake. I was running around at the park at rugby practice the other night when I found a big lump of soggy dog poo on the ground in the middle of the pitch.  It had a big shoe mark going straight through the middle of it how hideous is that. My coach had to pick it up with a stick and carry it into the bushes. It's not our job to do somebody else's dirty work. The gruesome poo was back again ... dan dan daaaa. 

I got my shoe covered in dog poo one time … it was the most cruel and beastly encounter yet. I had to wash my shoe with our powerful hose. All the runny poo splattered over my clothes and face as it escaped the tiny gaps of my shoe. The next morning I couldn't wear them to school as they were still soaked so I had to use my old pair of sneakers with about 50 holes in them, they were half the size of my good shoes too.  It's was so annoying and a waste of my precious time!  

Getting it on your shoe and throughout the house smells like crazy. I went to the park to play football with some friends and I stepped on a big lump of  dog poo without knowing. Once home I wandered through the house... yes …. with my dog poo shoe still on!  I smeared the poo all through the house, it wasn't pleasant at all. The stench of it burnt my nose it felt like there was a fire burning up in my nostrils. Our house had turned into an icky, foul smelling sewer. 

So all dog owners out there I hope my speech persuades you to pick up your dog’s poo ... it's not hard.  It will make the world a better place I promise because the world won't look and feel like a big dog’s toilet. 

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