Sunday, 16 October 2016

Discovery time reflection

When I was doing discovery for the past two terms my favourite activities were woodwork because I could be as creative as I wanted.
I learnt a lot of new skills like nailing with my wrist instead of my shoulders and elbows. I also loved doing the sports that other people in my class organised because I worked with people that I usually wouldn't work with and I saw what skills other people have. 

I have encountered a few challenges from the two terms of discovery like when I was making a ramp with Jacob Y.  It was really hard to find a piece of wood that was the right shape and size so we joined two pieces of wood together to make it the perfect piece of wood. It was also hard to get enough people to play with us when we were doing basketball so we asked the people that were wandering around if they wanted to play. 

I learnt to take my time and not rush so the project was quality and didn’t look junky. It was hard for me to make decisions on what I was going to do for discovery because there were so many things to do.
 I overcame this by trying new things and joining in with people I wouldn’t usually work with, so I didn't waste my time.   I improved on taking time to achieve a better result than what it usually looks like. I feel I improved the quality my work. I would like a wider range of activities for term four.  

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