Monday, 28 November 2016


His hair is a dull grey colour that looks like Donald Trump, except a bit more wavy and smooth, but his skin is  bright pink. He has a straggly, stiff and pointy beard that makes him look like a big, fluffy polar bear. He has a shiny bald spot sitting on the top of his head that shines like the sun as it rises from the horizon. He wears old, shiny glasses that glimmer in the light. He wears a blood red coat with sheepskin at the edges. He wears a big leather belt with a golden, glossy buckle that sits on his circular tummy. His bright red pants and bulky and his black shoes look like they get polished every afternoon as they glimmer when the sun lusters on them. 

He is a chirpy guy that is loud and energetic and never gets angry. His favourite place in the whole wide world is his cosy room. As he falls into the mythical land of his sofa, his rotund tummy protrudes under his T-shirt, looking like he is nine months pregnant. After a hard day's work he sits by the log burner watching TV while looking out the window but all he can see is the glass covered in thick white snow. He has a great talent of getting around the whole world in twelve hours. Zoom, zoom he goes on his amazing sleigh which holds the one billion presents he needs to deliver, with the help of his 8 friendly reindeer friends who pull the sleigh around the world, they are as strong as Muhammad Ali. Santa has one billion, 3 foot creatures that are the nicest people ever. They are the hard working and very accepting elves. He has a wife that is a great cook and makes delicious truffles, her name is Mrs Claus. 

“Hohoho, Merry Christmas” Santa says. He has a deep voice which is positive and broad, spreading across the room. It is loud and chirpy and it always flows really well and is never awkward. 

Santa has a lot of nice, loyal friends that he likes to hang out with, such as his wife Mrs Claus, his elves and of course his eight strong reindeer. He makes people feel more positive and happier when they talk to him. People would say that he is a bright and happy guy, they also might say that he is giving. He lives in a cold and comfy environment with a happy vibe. He lives in a gigantic, clean factory where he sleeps, eats and has a lot of bright, positive colours in his house. It is clean and has no rubbish or litter anywhere. He has a very special and important list that know one is allowed to see or touch.

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