Sunday, 13 August 2017

How Do Planes Fly?

How do planes fly?  

Have you ever been in a plane soaring through the sky and wondered how on earth do they fly? Well that is what this explanation will tell you.

These are the four forces of flight - lift, thrust, weight and drag. Without these forces you would not be able to travel the world in planes.

Lift is a force that goes against weight (gravity). Lift pulls objects off the ground.

Weight is a force that goes against lift, it is also known as gravity and pulls objects back to the ground.

Drag goes against thrust and slows objects down. You can have less drag by having a well-shaped object.

Thrust is the force that goes against drag. Thrust pulls objects like planes forward.

These are Isaac Newton’s 3 laws of motion:

1st law:
Isaac Newton's first law of motion is objects stay still unless acted on by an unbalanced force. For example, a plane will not move unless acted on by thrust.

2nd law:
Isaac Newton’s 2nd law of motion is the heavier the object the more force needed to move it.  For example, imagine if planes were made out of steel, you would need bigger wings and more powerful engines to create enough lift and thrust to lift the plane.

3rd law:  
Isaac Newton’s 3rd law is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For example, a rocket needs enough force downwards to make it go up and fast enough to break the atmosphere.

The two forces that make planes get off the ground are lift and thrust. Thrust is created by the engines and pulls the plane forward, without thrust the planes wouldn't fly. This is where drag comes in, drag goes against thrust, it makes the planes go slower. You can have less drag by having an aerodynamic shape, the more aerodynamic the faster an object can go.

Lift pulls planes into the air, without lift planes would stay on the ground.  Lift is made from gasses (air) rising into the air and lifts the planes into the air.  The force that goes against lift is weight, weight is gravity. Without weight planes wouldn't be able to land.

So now that you have read this explanation I hope you know how planes help you travel the world.

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