Sunday, 24 September 2017

Discovery reflection

This year in discovery I have made smoothies, made a scooter ramp, baked some afghans, made a basketball hoop and also a marble run.

While doing this I have learnt projects which involve measurements, angles and wood it need a lot of planning. I discovered that homemade ice blocks are easy and delicious to make. I’ve learnt that if you don't email a teacher to work with their children before the discovery session it's hard to just rock on up and grab some children. I also discovered that Mr Anderson is a very nice and considerate principal. I learnt that if you plan ahead it always ends with a good result not a muck up.

I have been challenged to get the ice blocks out of the moulds.  I have also been challenged to find the right rim for our basketball hoop and I have been challenged to keep all the younger kids attention while coaching basketball.

I overcame these challenges by making the ice blocks again and it worked perfectly because I made it a different way.  I just looked on trade me for the right rim and I found one. I also yelled and used a whistle.

My learning focus this year is challenging myself.  I think I did this well by trying to make it hard to get all the materials for the basketball hoop and choosing to coach very loud and annoying children fitness games and basketball.  I also  chose challenging food and drinks to make.

In term 4 I am looking forward to finishing my basketball hoop and making some yummy foods.

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